The 2020 Online Feldenkrais® Awareness Summit

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It isn’t too late to sign up for the Move Better, Feel Better: Feldenkrais Awareness Summit. There are still 2 days left! Plus, I have the inside scoop that there is going to be a  Bonus Day on May 12th  and then an  Encore Day on May 13th.

There is still plenty of time to watch incredible, transformational interviews and discussions, and do movement lessons.

So far there are 28,000 people attending. I hope you are one of them – but if you aren’t, sign up tonigh t and help make it 30,000.

I just watched Tom Myers give a riveting talk about the neurofascial web, and how our anatomy and movement have evolved through time. Last night I watched a panel discussion with Elinor Silverstein and Nick Strauss-Klein talking about Hanna SomaticsTTouch and the Alexander Technique . This week I have seen amazing presentations by Jeff Haller , Rich Goldsand , Linda Tellington-Jones , Dwight PargeeDavid Zemach-Bersin , Alan Questel and Vladimir Latocha – many of whom are contributors to our book ! Coming in the next couple opf days you will listen to Anat Baniel , Larry Goldfarb , Nancy Haller and many more.

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The Move Better, Feel Better   Summit is geared towards anyone who wants to improve the activities of daily living and fitness. The talks, panels, and twice daily  Awareness Through Movement® lessons will all help you to do just that.

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and register for your free pass!

IIf you missed the above sessions and the Keynote Presentation about the upcoming book that I am co-editing, The Feldenkrais Method – Learning Through Movement or would like to catch up on all of the superb learning, there is an option to upgrade for an All Access Pass so y ou can listen to all 57 presentations plus the 2 new additions at your leisure in the weeks or months to come. If you do upgrade, I may receive a portion of that sale (and will be grateful for it!)

Forward this email to your family and friends. You won’t have to explain what the Feldenkrais Method and other methods of somatic education are. The Summit will do it for you, and in ways that everyone can readily understand.

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