Reviews of The Feldenkrais Method®

with Krish Kresge

The most important thing I need to say about working with Krish is that anyone considering doing it should step forward into that learning and relationship with full confidence that good will come of it. I took that step ten years ago, following knee surgery and with prospects of neck surgery to follow. Krish's calm, knowledgeable, inspiring teaching soon had me shifting attention from pain and worries to pleasure, freedom in movement, and a joyful sense of possibilities in life.

While my knee still twinges on occasion, the discomfort is small compared to what it was.  As for neck surgery, it’s still a theoretical possibility, but I doubt I’ll ever need it, because the redistribution of effort I’ve achieved, enlivening my upper spine, has taken so much of the work out of my neck.  

My experience with Krish led me to become a Feldenkrais practitioner, and I continue to benefit from being Krish’s student and colleague.  I’ve seen her work with babies and people in their 90s, with people who have neurological problems and with artists, writers, and dancers who want to hone their skills. She cultivates a sense of community that makes working together delightful.  In the distance learning phase dictated by health safety, I have met Krish’s students, colleagues, and family members who follow her work from different continents.  That said, when I have needed quiet inwardness to heal and grow, her support has provided that, as well.

One reason Krish inspires so much enthusiasm for learning is that she herself is a perpetual student, adventuring through Feldenkrais and allied disciplines for her own benefit and for the benefit of those around her.  If you have an opportunity to work with Krish and decide to use it, someday you may find yourself like me, wondering how to capture in words how valuable it has been.

Ingrid Willenz-Isaacs
Arlington, VA
Krish Kresge Feldenkrais movement image
Krish is a born teacher, encouraging and motivating. I am in the best hands with her as my practitioner of Feldenkrais. She is keenly aware of how my body moves. By learning my tendencies, she has brought me to a new level of awareness and shown me what is possible through small, gentle movements. She is also tremendously skilled in working with children. I am very serious about following the advice she gives me with regards to my now 10-month-old son. Her natural comfort with babies has enhanced my enjoyment of playtime with him.
Cecilia J
Washington, DC
I am satisfied beyond my greatest expectations. Krish is consistently nurturing, encouraging, knowledgeable, and clued into what I need as an individual. Her enthusiasm for learning is infectious. Each time I leave a private session I feel I've gained greater freedom of movement.
Andrea Danzig
Washington, D.C
Krish Kresge Feldenkrais movement
I see Krish twice a week for private lessons (Functional Integration®). I am completely comfortable with Chrish, and I feel totally confident in her abilities to help me safely explore the challenges and possibilities of stroke recovery that I never even considered before. Not only is Krish a master Feldenkrais® practitioner--Krish is also truly kind, generous and a joy to be around!
Alberta Vallis
Washington, DC
It was at a time when I was suffering chronic attacks of pain in my lower back and was in a rather depressed mood that I had the chance to meet Krish in Kathmandu. I joined her weekly ATM classes there in a studio above a bookshop. After the very first class – with her wonderful teaching and loving, caring approach to everyone – I already felt much better.

For some happy months I enjoyed her classes, workshops, as well as Functional Integration® sessions, and my physical and mental health improved a lot. Slowly I learned to listen to my own needs and feelings and to become aware of the connections in my body. Chrish’s unexpected sudden departure due to her husband’s illness left a huge vacuum, but thanks to some tapes and CDs of her ATM classes, I could continue practicing and listening to the wisdom and the encouragement included in every lesson. My backache is a matter of the past and I was so enthusiastic about the Feldenkrais Method that I took the Feldenkrais® professional training in Basel, Switzerland and am now a practitioner in Kathmandu.
Rosmarie Panday
Honorary Consul of Switzerland, Kathmandu, Nepal
Krish Kresge Feldenkrais Method practitioner children
Krish Kresge Feldenkrais class image
If you want your body move with more freedom and ease, then I highly recommend attending one of Kirsh's classes. I do not totally understand “how” it works, but I do know it really “does” work.After just one private session with Krish I felt lighter and able to move with greater ease and less effort.I am so very grateful to Krish for her gentle and thoughtful instructions. She is a gifted teacher with wonderful insight to each student’s individual needs.
Catherine Cecere
Washington, DC
Krish is present. She invites small observations that lead to large discoveries. How did I not recognize that my right side has much less mobility than my left side for all these years? Her instruction is beautifully delivered and easy to follow. Her classes have become an unexpected gift that I did not know that I needed and had longed for. She offers her instruction with a clear and encouraging voice that helps me relax and stay curious and eager for the next development. The entire experience feels very skilled, professional and yet so personal, warm and inviting.
Maggie A
Portland, OR
I believe that my general well-being and overall fitness at 90 is due to my participation in Krish's Feldenkrais instruction for the past 13 years. I am grateful.
Angelika Zaia
Washington, D.C.
Krish Kresge Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner