Workshops, Intro to Feldenkrais® Class Series, New Website

June is here!

Workshops, Intro to Feldenkrais ® Class Series, New Website

How are you seeing the world today ?

If you had it just the way you want it, how would that look and feel?

Chrish Kresge The Feldenkrais ® Facial

How alive and open do you feel your face?How do you sense your feet on the ground?Where in your body do you have a feeling of integrity and wholeness?How do you take the learning after a Feldenkrais ® lesson into the rest of your life? I’m really excited to be able to offer you these online workshops . It’s so powerful to do a focused workshop on one particular topic or function. See below for the various offerings and register ASAP! Starting Wednesday, June 10th a new Introduction to Feldenkrais Class Series. If you have not yet tried online classes , please just give it a shot – you may be pleasantly surprised. My new website is now LIVE!

In health, and with love, Chrish

The Feldenkrais ® Facial

Date: Sunday, June 7th, 2020

Time: 2pm-4pm EST

Are you feeling the strain of the current times?

Is it showing on your face? In this calming workshop you will learn how to release habitual patterns of holding in your face, including your forehead, around your eyes, mouth and jaw. You will discover that the calming effects of releasing tension in your face will  influence your whole body . Learn techniques to maintain your fresh new face! Take off your “mask” for a while and join me.

Cost: $35

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Chrish Kresge Introduction to Feldenkrais - 10 Classes on Wednesdays

Introduction to Feldenkrais – 10 Classes on Wednesdays at 12:15pm, starting June 10th

Are you new to Feldenkrais?

Want to find out and test the waters? Maybe you are not completely new, but would still like to go back to basics. Indeed, we all need to refresh and renew, and learn again and again.

In this series of 10 weekly 1 hour classes, we will look at some of the foundational lessons, examine the basic principles that are inherent in all lessons, and make space for exploration. A special promotional price for all ten classes just for this intro series:$150.

Cost: $150 for ten classes and video/audio recordings

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Chrish Kresge Love Your Feet!


Love Your Feet!

Date: Sunday, June 21st, 2020

Time: 2pm-4pm EST

Have you neglected your feet of late?

Join me in some movement lessons and tips to reawaken your feet. Relieve foot pain and stiffness, stand, and walk with less effort and more joy.We will also examine how you transmit force from the foot through the skeleton in walking, and the importance of ankle flexibility in how you walk and stand.

Cost: $35

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Chrish Kresge The Eyes Organize Everything

The Eyes Organize Everything

Date: Sunday, June 28th, 2020

Time: 2pm-4pm EST

Vision is the primary sense through which we experience the world. As human beings, the eyes are our dominant sensory organ and are an integrated part of our every action and function. Understanding how we use our eyes reveals hidden aspects of our physical and mental organization. Our patterns of seeing intimately affect our movement: walking, breathing and balance. It is possible to create powerful re-organization through an improved use of our eyes.In this workshop you will begin to recognize and eliminate many of the most common habits which interfere with easy, effortless vision.

Cost: $35

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