The Creative Self-Care Series Virtual Conference!

I’m speaking at The Creative Self-Care Series Virtual Conference!

June 14 – 23, 2021

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Does it seem like most of us are on the go with never-ending to-do lists, deadlines, information and choices coming at us from all directions? The constant combined input, anxiety and stress take a toll on us. Yet often we don’t spend the time we need to care for ourselves in order to create balance and equanimity in our lives.

Self-Care goes beyond an occasional spa trip, vacation or taking your vitamins. It is an essential foundation to living a balanced life, filled with vitality, wholeness and joy. When we devote time to our own well-being, it sends a message to our heart that we are worthy and aligns us with the greatest expression of ourselves.

I am excited to announce that a colleague of mine, Danielle Paxton, is hosting a 10-day self-care virtual conference called The Creative Self-Care Series. Starting on Wednesday, June 14th you will gain knowledge from 20 experts specializing in various modalities to reveal how you can super-charge yourself, even if you are super busy and don’t have much time.

Here are some things you will learn:

  • Simple practices and exercises to reduce stress and shift back into a calm state when you’re triggered.
  • The relationship between your gut and your health.
  • Feng-Shui and why decluttering is important for your well-being.
  • Yin Yoga for relaxation and connecting more deeply with yourself.
  • Reducing anxiety and sleeping better through movement and body awareness.
  • How to balance hormones through diet & nutrition.
  • Sound healing and breath meditation to go deeper.
  • Ways to add some magic and sacred ritual into your self-care practice.
  • Expressive arts therapy and how it helps you to be more creative.
  • And lots more!

I am truly excited to share this opportunity with you! I will be participating as a speaker as well as attending the other sessions to expand my own practice.

Beginning June 14, 2021 you will be guided through dozens of practical ways to awaken yourself to new levels of vitality, creativity and well-being. This is a beautiful FREE virtual conference – so click on the link below – I think you deserve it.


With love and care,


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