Reclaim Your Beautiful Hands Workshop

Reclaim Your Beautiful Hands Workshop

this Sunday, August 30th 2 – 4pm EDT

Have your hands become a little weary and worn out?

So much handwashing, so much time on the computer…clenching, tension and strain, all manifest in our hands.

In this Sunday afternoon workshop on Zoom you will learn how to release tension in your hands and rediscover their beauty, softness and creativity. Because your hands have a large representation on the motor cortex of your brain, tension and tightness in your hands can easily become generalized throughout your body. Have you ever noticed that when you are anxious or upset that your hands, particularly your dominant hand, clench and tighten? Similarly, when the hands release tension and holding, it is felt throughout your whole self.

With calm hands come a calm mind and relaxed body.

Furthermore, if you are a musician, you will particularly appreciate the lessons in this workshop.

You will learn to do several techniques with your hands for maintaining this quality of ease and the composure for yourself. You can use also these gentle movements on your loved ones and animals.

A short manual as well as a recording of the workshop to review later are included.

Contact me to sign up here Cost: $35 Click here to prepay

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Reclaim your beautiful hands workshop Krish Kresge
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