Reclaim Your Beautiful Hands Workshop Part 2

Reclaim Your Beautiful Hands Workshop
Part 2

Sunday, October 4
2 – 4pm EDT

In Part 2 of this popular Sunday afternoon workshop on Zoom you will learn how important your hands are to a calm state of mind as well as effortless action throughout your body. Because your hands are extremeley well represented on your brain, tension and tightness in your hands can easily become generalized throughout your body.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re anxious or upset that your hands, particularly your dominant hand, clench and tighten? Similarly, when the hands release excessive or parasitic tension and holding, you become more present and relaxed, and your body functions with less effort.

You will learn some techniques with your hands for maintaining the quality of ease and composure for yourself.

If you’re someone who works with their hands, such as a musician, massage therapist, body worker, or a hair stylist, you will particularly appreciate the lessons in this workshop.

We’ll also look at the structure of the hands and how evolution has changed their shape and function over time.

Whether or not you attended Part 1 of the Hands Workshop in August, you will enjoy and benefit from attending Part 2.

A short manual as well as a recording of the workshop to review later are included.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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Chrish Kresge Reclaim your beautiful hands workshop Feldenkrais

Reclaim your beautiful hands workshop Krish Kresge
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