Reclaim Your Beautiful Hands and Shoulders Workshop Part 3

Reclaim Your Hands and Shoulders

Workshop Part 3

Sunday, November 8
2 – 4pm EDT

Sunday, November 8th 2-4pm:
Reclaiming Your Beautiful Hands and Shoulders Part 3

In Part 3 of this popular Sunday afternoon workshop on Zoom you’ll continue to appreciate how important your hands are to the overall distribution of effort in your body.

We will also examine the function of the rest of your arm and shoulder, and investigate the problems that can arise in your shoulder girlde, by doing gentle Awareness Through Movement lessons. And you’ll learn about more strategies for maintaining a quality of ease and composure for yourself using the sensitivity and neural connectivity of your hands.

Whether or not you attended Parts 1 and 2 of the Hands Workshop, I am sure you will enjoy and benefit from attending Part 3.

Cost: $35
To register, please click here

Sunday, November 21st 2-4pm
Awareness Through Movement: Unleashing Peace of Mind and Internal Resources

In this afternoon workshop we will look into how Feldenkrais lessons can help us find resources for equanimity and wholeness as well internal strength. It will help us to navigate stormy waters and challenging times, and inviting us to thrive under any circumstance.

Cost: $35
To register, please click here

A short manual as well as recordings of the workshops to review later are included. I look forward to seeing you there!

Click here to register and pay for classes and private lessons too.

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Reclaim your hands and shoulders workshop with Chrish Kresge

Reclaim your beautiful hands workshop Krish Kresge
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