Good Augurs for August and September

Good Augurs for August and September

Awareness Through Movement Classes for Adults (and now for Kids!),
New Workshops and
Feldenkrais Method Annual Conference – for YOU!

I spent many memorable summers in southern France and miss those beautiful times in Ganges, Hérault. Le 15 août – August 15th – was always when the weather changed, most of the tourists left, the heat abated and it was time to think about la rentrée – back to school and back to work. I used to love this time of anticipation and getting ready for new beginnings in September – to this day I feel happy and excited around le 15 août.

But right now, times are tough, no question.

The Feldenkrais Method was conceived and generated during times like this by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais to bring forth our optimal selves within the constraints of war, strife and hardship. Using movement with attention and the brain’s amazing capacity to find internal support, self-responsibility, resilience, anti-fragility… I’d like to invite you to begin again: tasting and feeling what Feldenkrais can do for you now to help you feel more whole, calm and capable – through private Functional Integration lessons, workshops, Awareness Through Movement classes (now for kids too!), and the upcoming Feldenkrais annual conference online. Online afternoon workshops. It’s so empowering to attend a workshop focused on one particular topic or function. See below for the various offerings with me as well as at the Feldenkrais Conference coming up September 11,12 &13 online. I teach five weekly online classes, if you haven’t yet tried one, give it a shot – I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Sending love and optimism, and hope to see you soon! Cheerio,Chrish

Your Amazing Hands

Date: Sunday, August 30th, 2020Time: 2pm-4pm ESTOnline via Zoom Are your hands getting a little weary and worn out?So much handwashing, so much time on the computer…tension and strain will manifest in our hands.In this workshop you will learn how to release tension in your hands and rediscover their beauty, softness and creativity. With calm hands come a calm mind and body. Learn some techniques with your hands for maintaining composure for yourself as well as for your loved ones and animals. Contact me to sign up hereCost: $35 Click here to prepay

Chrish Kresge Introduction to Feldenkrais - 10 Classes on Wednesdays

Introduction to Feldenkrais – 10 Classes on Wednesdays at 12:15pm, starting June 10th

Are you new to Feldenkrais? Want to find out and test the waters? Maybe you are not completely new, but would still like to go back to basics. Indeed, we all need to refresh and renew, and learn again and again.In this series of weekly 1 hour classes on Zoom, we will look at some of the foundational lessons, examine the basic principles that are inherent in all lessons, and make space for slow exploration. You will get a recording of the class to review later. Sign up here

Walk for Your Life!

Date: Sunday, September 6, 2020Time: 2pm-4pm ESTOnline via Zoom We will review the basics of well-organized and effortless walking. Develop powerful walking – the way nature meant. After all, we evolved to walk for days across the uneven surface of the earth… with intention and no wasted energy!We will also examine how you transmit force from the foot through the skeleton in walking, and the importance of ankle and foot flexibility in how you walk and stand. Contact me to sign up hereCost: $35 Click here to prepay

The Feldenkrais Method Annual Conference

September 11,12,13 2020

Register today!

Introduction to Feldenkrais for Kids – Online ClassesWednesdays at 8:15am Based on a pilot program begun a few years ago by several Feldenkrais practitioners in Israel who posed the question: why not Feldenkrais for kids? They discovered to their amazement that children improved mathematics, comprehension and reading skills when they did Feldenkrais lessons before their regular academic classes. In this 10 class series of weekly 35 minute morning online Awareness Through Movement classes, your child will learn to harness her focus, attention and curiosity. Your child will use the brain’s remarkable capacity to learn through movement with attention, making space for slow exploration without specific goals. The results will astound you! Begins September 28th. Contact Chrish to learn more and register
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